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In the heart of Bukit Damsanara

With Passion

#FIVE combines a love for hospitality and great food with a passion for cycling and specialty coffee. 

Whether you've just set a new personal best on the Genting-Sempah, taking a lunch break from the office or you're on your daily morning walk - our team is ready to welcome you


Breakfast & Lunch

For the early birds

Coffee and Breakfast is served daily From 7am onwards. Our Kitchen team has put together a selection of nutritious and tasty breakfast & lunch dishes such as; Overnight Oats, Breakfast Bowls with Seasonal Fruit, Avocado & Egg on Toast and a Variety of Lunch Bowls.



Group Rides, Bicycle Rental, Tours


It's a Mindset

Taken from Cycling Etiquette known as The Rules - Rule #FIVE (aka The V) is perhaps the most fundamental of all Rules. 


"To ride a bicycle is to push our physical boundaries. To ride a bicycle quickly is to push our psychological limits; it is our mind that allows our bodies to achieve what it believes lies beyond its reach". 

A #FIVE mindset allows us to move beyond the limitations within which we find ourselves confined.

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